Welcome to “The White Campus” University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM).
UMM is an exotic campus which was built around the topography of the land.
The land contained hills, bamboo trees and the Brantas River.
The campus is green, lovely, picturesque, shady and certainly comfortable for studying.UMM was founded in 1964 in Malang, East Java about 98 kilometers south of Surabaya.
Malang is a hilly city surrounded by four mountains: Panderman, Arjuno, Kawi, and Semeru.
Being 550 metres above sea level, Malang has a cool climate which ranges from 23.37 0C – 30.01 0C.
With these conditions Malang is well known as a City of Flowers and a City of Education.
Owing to these conditions many students from other parts of Indonesia and overseas choose to study in Malang.UMM has three campuses in which the locations are strategic and accessible via land, air or sea transportation.
Over 20,000 students, both domestic and foreign, are studying at UMM.
Our foreign students have come from countries such as:  Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, East Timor, Europe, and America.

In terms of facilities, UMM has provided the necessary equipment to support students comfortably with their studies.
Facilities to support both academic and non-academic needs are available.
The learning-teaching process and administration are supported by the adequate ICT facilities  and management information system.
As a result, the teaching-learning process at UMM is known as being efficient, up-to-date and student friendly.

Welcome to the Digital Campus.
Welcome to our website and explore UMM deeper.
Please enjoy exploring our virtual world.



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